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Amazon Product Hunting Criteria 2021 in the USA

Amazon Product Hunting Criteria 2021 in the USA

Amazon Product Hunting Criteria 2021 in the USA. In the event that you need to make your own hot selling product beginning today. It is to ensure that you come out with your first product by doing intensive statistical surveying. Instructions to investigate your own product that makes you cash for as long as you can remember. How to make a product by doing intensive statistical surveying that guarantees the achievement of your product. On the off chance that you need to prevail by making your own beneficial product. Here are numerous executioner steps that will get down the exploration part of making your hot selling product beginning today.

In marketplaces, we can’t sell the product according to our own choice. We must look for a Product which is highly in demand and less in competition. The criteria for Product Hunting include Reviews, Revenue, Monthly Search Volume, Average Price, M&D Sales, Seller type, Market Trend, and BSR. BSR means More Searches, More Buyers, Lower BSR, and More Sales. Keywords in Title, Jungle Scout Opportunity Score, Tier, and CPR Giveaways. There are different tools you can use for Product Hunting and get estimated data of products according to criteria. Similarly, you can get access to these tools from tools providers.

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Best Product Stats

However, the average number of reviews of Top 10 sellers must be 1450 and you can get these extracts are from Jungle Scout & Helium10. Product Search volume should be a minimum of 12300 and the Average selling price $20 – $40. Revenue of 10th seller selling more than $15,000 and it should be noted that Amazon as a seller not more than 3 in top 10. Furthermore, Brand domination not more than 3 listings of the same brand in the top 10. Google Trendy search frequency above 25 in Google trends for the last 5 years.

For a profitable income, you ensure Seasonality. It means it should show no signs of trends other than the season. Most noteworthy, search volume history, trends, and BSR of Top 10 Sellers. The weight of the product should not more than 2 KG and not oversize. Product average rating of the top 10 should be above 4.2 and the Listing Life of products in the top 10 should be higher than 6 months.

How to get Keyword Ideas

Search any product name with Space Button on Amazon Search Bar. You can also search on Google List of Amazon Small products. You should click on Best Seller, Click on Main or Subcategory, and Run Jungle Scout Chrome Extension. Check the Keyword, which is high in sales and less in Reviews, Copy ASIN of the Keyword. For checking the main keyword or on which keyword this seller is ranked. On Jungle Scout Web Application, you should click on Keyword and Click on Keyword Scout. Then Select MP, Paste ASIN & Click on Search. Or Search any product name on Helium10 Web Application and click on Product Research Click on Cerebro. Hence Select MP, Paste ASIN, Select Niche Score, and Click on Get Keywords. Now Check the Keyword High in Sales, Revenue, and Less in Reviews. After that search that keyword on Amazon & meet with Criteria.

Amazon Product Hunting Criteria 2021 in the USA
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